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How to find the best Privacy Screen Protectors?

How To Find The Best Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Best Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

I used to travel often by public transport since I don’t have my own vehicle. During rush hours public transport is always overcrowded and most of the time I proffered to use my mobile phone while travelling to listen to music, watch movies or even reply to official emails.

Everybody who uses a smartphone, always try to protect their personal information such as personal conversation, photos or videos. When you are using public transport you have to take extra effort to make sure that no stranger staring at your phone while using it.

We all experienced that some people have an annoying habit of looking at other’s smartphones. As a result, they can easily see our photos, videos and confidential documents while we looking at our phones.

For this reason, I always try to find a solution to overcome this issue, finally, I found out that by using Privacy Screen Protector we can minimise the visibility of our screens while using it.

Once we applied it to our phone screens people can easily use their mobile in congested environments without fear of losing their privacy.

However, there are so many varieties of Privacy Screen Protectors are available in the market, in this article I will help you to find the best Privacy Screen Protector for your phone.

What is Privacy Screen Protector?

A privacy screen protector is a special screen protector which acts as a display protector and a privacy screen, protecting your information from the public. These protectors could be made of PET film or tempered glass, just like a standard screen protector. However, it contains an extra anti-spy coating that restricts your screen’s visual angle just to you.

Why do People Need Privacy Screen Protector?

Somebody sitting or standing beside you and looking at your phone’s screen is referred to as “visual hacking.” Privacy is essential to us because we do not want someone to glance at our phones while we are dealing with some confidential information.

Using a Phone for anything is becoming part of the routine, from social media to internet transactions.

But, if you’re signing into banks or reviewing confidential material, strangers may be able to view everything when you start typing unintentionally.

Nowadays most smartphones have enormous, bright, attractive displays, but they’re not ideal for security. It is clear that you don’t want to let others understand what you’re doing on your phones.

So in order to maintain privacy, we can use privacy screens protectors.

Is tempered glass screen protector the same as Privacy Screen Protector?

The “micro louver technique” is used in privacy screen protectors, which permits light from the screen to flow only at specific angles.

Anyone staring at your device will see nothing because the filter layer is set to a restricted front angle.

A privacy screen protector can also help if your spouse, boyfriend, or roommate is upset that you are on your phone the whole time.

It ensures that they are not bothered by the light from your phone and that you can keep enjoying it without interruption. In short, a Privacy Screen Protector is a screen protector with additional privacy functionality.

How do Privacy Screen Protector?

A privacy screen filter is a polarized plastic coating that restricts the viewing angle of your display.

This should ideally mean that you have a clear view of your device while people on the sides only see a dark screen. Unless you are staring at the screen directly, all of your visual info is invisible.

A privacy filter is a layer of high-tech plastic with an anti-glare coating and inclined panels built into the structure of the material.

As a result, only specific angles of light can penetrate through the plastic layer. Non-ideal angles either effectively block or emit only a single colour of light.

Does the Privacy Screen Protector works?

Yes, of course, once you’ve applied the tempered privacy glass on your mobile screen, you can view all of your photos, confidential conversation, or even important work files without any fear of someone peeking at your screen.

The privacy screen’s aim is to filter the display so that it can only be seen from the front. The display will darken until it is completely black when the viewing angle is off-centre.

Filters with this effect help preserve your privacy by preventing people from looking over your screen from your side.

It works on the same principle as vertical blinds in that when you stand in front of open horizontal blinds. You can view the display in front of you. The display outside the window will be blocked by the blinds if you stand on the side.

How to find the best Privacy Screen Protector?

There are few things you should know before buying a privacy screen protector.

  1. Microlouver technology: Micro louver technology is an advanced optical technology that provides screen protection and visual privacy. It’s your primary line of security against screen glare, visual hackers, and physical screen damage.

2. Privacy with Tempered glass or film: Apart from the privacy filter, privacy screen protectors usually have the same advantages as a standard screen protector, such as tempered glass screen protectors.

3. Two-way Privacy Screen Protector: Two-way and four-way privacy filters are the two types of privacy filters available. A two-way filter reduces viewing angles to the left and right of the screen’s centre.

How does 2 Way Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

4. Four-way privacy Privacy Screen Protector: The Four-way privacy screens provide complete privacy both in portrait and landscape configurations.

How does 4 Way Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

4. Viewing angle: When it comes to privacy, screen protectors with a smaller viewing angle are generally the best. It’s difficult for anyone standing or sitting near you to see what’s on your screen because of this.

They will be able to view everything better if the angle is wider.

What are the advantages of Privacy Screen Protector?

Apart from the security filter, privacy display covers generally have the same advantages as a standard screen protector, such as tempered glass screen covers.

Besides the security aspect discovered in normal tempered glass screen covers, tempered glass screen protector suppliers worldwide, including those from China, offer several real benefits.

In addition to privacy, options such as blue light-filtering, and anti-glare layers are offered.

Moreover, some privacy tempered glass screen protectors come with advanced scratch-proof, feature 100% touch sensitivity.

How do you apply Privacy Screen Protector?

Instructions for applying Privacy Screen Protector:

  1. Clean the dust off the glass screen cover with the soft microfiber included in the pack.
  2. Typically, a glass protector has three layers; select the appropriate size for your smartphone, cut the lower part (the inner layer is significant), and appropriately place it on your mobile screen.
  3. It is vital to compress the screen protector to eliminate the air between the mobile screen and the screen protector when putting it.
  4. To minimize left blisters and to damage the look, gently clean the screen.
  5. The top removing sticker can be torn off after the glass protector has been properly installed.                                                  

Final Thoughts:

Many phone users seek the ultimate privacy option in the form of privacy display protectors.

Some people may find it vital to prevent curious eyes away in public places, in which case a privacy screen cover is a great option.

It’s better to avoid viewing confidential material in public if at all conceivable.

Smartphone manufacturers pay millions to provide a stunning visual experience, and no one needs that to be taken away from their users.

Privacy, on the other hand, takes preference over flashy displays.

In the end, you’re the sole indicator of whether or not you’ll need to have a privacy screen protector.

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