How to Find the Best Username on Fiverr for Beginners

How To Find The Best Username On Fiverr For Beginners ? - TechBook101
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As we are aware, Fiverr is one of the best online platforms for freelancers to buy and sell their services. When it comes to selecting a user name on Fiverr following questions always come to mind.

  1. Should I use my real name on Fiverr?
  2. Can you use a fake name on Fiverr?
  3. What is a good username?
  4. Can I change my fiverr username?

Frankly, as a novice, I am always wondered “How to Find the Best Username on Fiverr for Beginners?”. As a Beginner, you can consider the following four factors to easily brainstorm catchy usernames for your Fiverr profile.

  1. Your Name
  2. Generic Word
  3. Design Term and Name
  4. Related to your Niche

Raise your hand if you don’t have Fiverr Account!

Your Name

The first preference is to go with your name. Using your name gives a personal touch to your Fiverr profile to stand out. You can also do self-promotion along with marketing and SEO your Gigs on Fiverr.

The first choice is to use your name. Using your name in your Fiverr account adds a personal touch that helps it stand out. On Fiverr, you can promote yourself as well as market and if you like you can use ur full name as well.

This method is ideal if you are planning to provide different skill sets such as Marketing and SEO.

Generic Word

Use a generic term that mainly covers all types of skills. For example with the help of words such as Innovation or Creative. We can easily create Fiverr user names like “InnovationHub” or “CreativeSolutions”.

Design Term and Name

This is the sort that I would most suggest if your profile is related to design. When do you use it? You plan to sell all design-related products. Examples: Aliza creations or the xenophobic ones. It makes an attractive name and will help your profile not considering as a low profile.

Related to your Niche

Selecting a name related to your niche can be a bit tricky because most of the time, it is related to only one type of skill set. If you already have a company or brand name then it’s better to use the same name.

Names such as “SEOWriters” or “MarketingPro” will come under this category.

Final Thoughts

We hope after reading this article, you can say that finding the best username on Fiverr is not a big deal.

For better understanding, beginners must read out “What is Fiverr and how does it work?” After this, you can easily sign up for Fiverr.

To learn more about the best username, you can also check “How to change Fiverr username?”.

Make sure you have to “LEARN” first, then remove the “L.”

Good Luck! 😊

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