Gorilla Glass vs Tempered Glass Screen Protector vs Dragontrail Glass: Ultimate Guide

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Touchscreen mobile phones are now widely used devices. Touch screens must be protected because phones will not perform properly if they are broken. You may know about screen protectors like “Tempered Glass”, “Gorilla Glass” and “Dragontrail.” The concepts may be strange to all of us who are unfamiliar with mobile protection.

I am going to discuss them in this article with my personal experience and after some in-depth analysis about Gorilla Glass, Tempered Glass Screen Protector and Dragontrail Glass.

What are these screen protectors?

A screen protector is designed to protect a phone’s screen from water, moisture, marks, oil, cracks and scratches. They are also designed to enhance picture effectiveness by providing a good quality surface for easy finger swiping and higher visual display. The tempered glass screen protectors undergo several chemical and heat treatments in order to improve the glass strength. Simley, glass is heated and cooled in rapid sessions, while adding multi-layers to it. These layers consist of absorbent silicon, PET film, and clear adhesive coating which make this glass are stronger than compared to plastic screen protectors. The use of these glasses are not limited to smartphone screen protectors, they are widely used in refrigerator trays, diving masks, vehicle windows as well.

Corning is the company behind the most famous gorilla glasses. This glass is famous for it is toughness, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting qualities. These glasses undergo an extensive chemical strengthening process called the ion-exchange process. During this process, glass is dip into molten salt, which makes the potassium ions from the salt interact with sodium ions of the glass. After that glass undergoes a rapid cooling process which makes potassium ions get solidified together. The use of these glasses variant from laptops, smartphones, smartwatches to tablets.

We will discuss the distinctions respectively Tempered Glass, Gorilla Glass and Dragontrail Glass.

We’ll also look at how these screen protectors protect your phone?

What is Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glass is a scratch-resistant and long-lasting glass brand which is used to protect the screens of tablets, smartphones, and other portable devices. The glass is lightweight, solid, and works with touchpad devices.

The strength of glass increased by Ion-Exchange Process during its manufacturing. Because of its wonderful features, we can say that Gorilla Glass is one of the strongest and scratch resistance mobile screen protector brand.

After applying Gorilla Glass the life of the screen could be increased up to c times. It is a very durable product, screens which made by Gorilla glass are thin in size.

Gorilla Glass is a product of an American multinational technology company name “Corning”.

It has the ability to protect any gadget from scratches, dust, or any shock. That’s why from its beginning, it proved itself to be one of the best screen protectors.

As we mentioned earlier, Gorilla Glass took a strong place in the market because of its features, according to a survey now it is used in more than 6 billion devices by more than 45 different top brands. 

“Price of Gorilla Glass” is not a big deal. Because Gorilla offers very affordable products on the other hand we can say it’s cheaper than many other products. 

Which one is better? Differences between Gorilla Glass Versions

If you are looking to find out the “difference between Gorilla Glass version types” then we can say, it has different types based on their features let’s discuss every type one by one.

Gorilla Glass 1

The concept of Gorilla Glass has arrived back in 2005, but Gorilla Glass got popular after the 1st generation of iPhone back in 2007.

In 2007, when Apple launched its 1st mobile phone. That time I Phone had an “oleophobic coating” of Gorilla Glass which minimized the possibility of fingerprints and smudges.

After the introduction of Gorilla Glass 1, every popular mobile brand such as Apple embraced Gorilla Glass to facilitate their customers. 

That was the actual debut of Gorilla Glass in the market and it gains huge popularity because of its durability and toughness.

Gorilla Glass 2

At the Consumer Electronics Show in 2012, Corning revealed the subsequent production of ultra-durable Gorilla Glass.

Gorilla Glass 2 was introduced in 2012, and it was 20% slimmer than the initial. It retained all of its other properties, such as hardness and scratch resistance.

This was ideal for several smartphone manufacturing companies because it allowed them to produce slimmer phones.

The LG Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, and HTC One are amongst the most ordinary mobile phones that used Gorilla Glass 2 for safety.  After this version, it gains more popularity in the market, and at that time, it was used by more than 600 million gadgets.

Gorilla Glass 3

The third version has more enhanced features like scratch resistance, durability, and toughness.

Gorilla Glass 3 glass offered much more strength than the old iteration, which was more concerned with thickness.

In this iteration, the Native Damage Resistance (NDR) technology was introduced, which enabled the glass to withstand more scratches. However, according to Corning, the third generation managed to prevent up to 35% of screen smudges.

Gorilla Glass 4

In 2014, Gorilla Glass 4 was announced. Because many people had to break their touch screens, this variant concentrated on strength characteristics.

Gorilla Glass 4 is the slimmest in the Gorilla Glass family, with thicknesses varying from 0.4 to 1 mm.

According to one survey, Corning finds that 70 per cent of cell phone screen damage was caused by drops, so it began investing in strengthening its glass.  Gorilla Glass 4 was developed with the intent of being drop resilient.

Gorilla Glass 5

In July 2016, Gorilla Glass 5 was released. The Gorilla Glass 5 has been improved to be up to four times more durable and robust.

Gorilla Glass 5 focuses on dust resistance, scratch resistance, and more specifically on “moisture resistance protector.”

Corning claims that the new Gorilla Glass can withstand a 1.6 meter face-down that falls onto a hard surface. This indicates that a mobile phone equipped with this new type of glass will survive even if it is dropped while taking a photograph.

Gorilla Glass 6

Corning launched Gorilla Glass 6 in 2018. It is said to be more reliable than previous versions.

The core purpose of this version is to enhance the features of the previous version. According to the company, the glass can withstand up to 15 drops from a height of one meter and is “up to two times better” than Gorilla Glass 5.

Gorilla Glass Victus

Corning announced Gorilla Glass Victus, its next iteration of aluminosilicate glass, in 2020. Particularly in comparison with other producers’ aluminosilicate glasses, the company believes that Victus will provide significantly improved drop and scuff efficiency.

Corning claims that Gorilla Glass Victus is able to accomplish a drop efficiency of up to 2 meters on hard, rough ground in lab tests. Due to its durability, the Gorilla Glass Victus is said to outrank the Gorilla Glass 6.

According to Corning, Victus is twice as scratch-resistant as Gorilla Glass 6 and up to four times as scratch-resistant as competing companies.

What is Dragontrail Glass?

In “comparison to Gorilla glass”, “Dragontrail glass” is a new product to the market. In terms of price and quality, it is an excellent and long-lasting product.

According to some experts, Dragontrail could be better than Gorilla glass. 

Which indicates that it will be a big “challenger to Gorilla Glass”.

Dragontrail glass’s main characteristics are its smoothness, scratch resistance, and rigidity.

The Dragontrail glass has a tensile load of 1000Mpa, which was the world’s highest at the time of its launching date back in 2014, and is 8 times better than others.  This greater Mpa tends to give the glass the highest opportunity of not cracking or rupturing when fallen onto the screen’s edge or ground.

Which one is better? Comparison between Asahi Dragontrail vs Gorilla Glass

Both are highly “durable glass protectors”. These glasses are impact absorbers and extremely hard to break because of their toughness.

In this section, I will show a strong comparative study between such two to determine what distinguishes them in aspects of their features and usage.

 Gorilla GlassDragontrail Glass
Production CountryProduct of USAProduct of Japan
Toughness ScaleUp to 700Up to 670
Types of GlassGorilla Glass, Gorilla Glass 2nd, Gorilla Glass 3rd, Gorilla Glass 4th.Dragontrial Glass
UtilizationMobile phones, Tablets, other electronic gadgets especially Computer DisplaysMobile phones, Tablets and Smartwatches
 ProcessingIon Conversation ProcessingGlide Processing
Popularity among consumersIt is one of the well-known product though out the globeIt is not familiar but it is making its place in the market
Key PropertiesScratch Resistant Damage Resistance LightweightScratch Resistant Damage Resistance Lightweight
This table shows the difference between Asahi Dragontrail vs Gorilla Glass

Based on the information, we can conclude that, with the exception of a few minor differences, they are very similar.

So, if you’re thinking about purchasing a smartphone with any of the above-mentioned glasses, then don’t worry about which one to get because they’re the best ones we have so far.

What is Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

“Tempered Glass Screen protector” is created by rapidly air conditioning systems glass. A multi-layered screen protector is a transparent plastic protector.

It has a lower part of silicon, a PET film and acid-resistant glue, and an oleophobic membrane. Because of these coatings, they became more durable than any other normal glass.

Which one is better? Comparison between Gorilla Glass vs Tempered Glass

 Gorilla GlassTempered Glass
Production CountryProduct of USA.Developed and manufactured by many small companies in China.
Types of GlassIt comes in different versions i.e.; 2nd, 3rd and 4th.Depending on the product manufacture manufacturer but there is no version
UtilizationMostly used as a protector for different electronic gadgets.Major use as a protecting layer for mobiles phones and tabs only.
ProcessingDoes not contain an oleophobic coatingBetter quality tempered glass protectors include an oleophobic coating.
Popularity among consumersIt is the best protector delivering scratch resistance and sand protection.Because of different useful features like Abrasion proof, break-proof, It is a little bit thicker.
Toughness ScaleThe hardness rating of these glasses can vary from 622 to 701 VickersThese glasses have a maximum hardness rating of 9H     
Key PropertiesOnly one-time useIt has the ability to replace it easily.
This table shows the difference between Gorilla Glass vs Tempered Glass

Final Thoughts

Now, we will determine which one is the best glass? You have to make a decision and select the best option.

In this article, I have discussed everything.

All you have to do just select which one is suitable for then go for it. But we recommend Gorilla Glass is best among all these. Smartphones are not cheap. That’s why it is better to spend a little more money on a screen protector than it is to spend a lot of money to repair a broken screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gorilla glass better than tempered glass?

“Gorilla glass is more durable than tempered glass” conversely, not all mobile phone comes with Gorilla glass. In such situations, a good quality tempered glass screen protector can be used to protect your screen.

Which Gorilla glass is best?

The Gorilla Glass Victus is the latest version of “Corning”. Victus is twice as scratch-resistant as Gorilla Glass 6 and up to four times as scratch-resistant as competing companies. Hence, Gorilla Glass Victus is the strongest Gorilla Glass so far.

Different between Gorilla glass 6th version VS 5th Version

The 6th Version has a completely new molecular structure. In comparison to the 5th Version, the 6th Version is 2X more resistant to drop devastation. The 6th Version is scratch resistant in the same way that the 5th Version did.

Does Corning Gorilla Glass or Asahi Dragontrail need tempered glass?

If you have Gorilla or Dragontrail tempered glass on your smartphone you don’t need to go for those cheap-looking plastic screen guards or screen protectors. Now you know the toughness and scratch-resistance of these glasses hence, you don’t need to worry about regular use if you have built-in Gorilla or Dragontrail tempered glass on your smartphone. Keep in mind cheap screen cards are easily scratch and add more weight and bulk your phone.

Can Gorilla Glass and Dragontrail Glass be scratched?

To be clear both Gorilla Glass and Dragontrail Glass are scratch resistance glass, not scratch proof glasses. The word resistant means a given object has resistance to something but with certain limits. On the other hand, proof means that they have infinite resistance to the claim they made. Such as waterproof watchers or fireproof devices.

Having said that, Gorilla Glass and Dragontrail Glass are very hard and tough glasses but these glasses can withstand scratches or damage to a certain point. However, these glasses can be damaged or scratched if you apply pressure or drop from a great height since they manufactured with certain limitations.

What is ion-exchange process used in Corning Gorilla Glass ?

During this process, glass is dip into molten salt, which makes the potassium ions from the salt to interact with sodium ions of the glass. After that glass undergoes a rapid cooling process which makes potassium ions get solidified together.

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