The Microsoft Surface Duo 2022 : Exclusive Inside Look and Surface Duo Specs

Microsoft Surface Duo 2020
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Microsoft Surface Duo 2020

The Microsoft Surface Duo 2020 – Source: Microsoft

The Microsoft Surface Duo is the Microsoft’s newest rerun to phones. It’s a dual screen device that runs android and has two displays and folds up so you could take it with you and kind a looks like a magical note book. Let’s take a look at its features, the duo has a snapdragon 855 processor inside but custom Microsoft chips that handle battery management because there are two batteries in side the duo’s, a large one and a small one that meant to draw and work together to power both of these displays.

The Microsoft also has the custom chips inside to run the touch on these displays but also allow Microsoft pen support. There are also proximity sensors and gyroscopes and accelerometers on both of these displays and also of these circuitry goes thorough to these two really tiny hinges that are on the sides that carry battery management the power stuff the processing and all of that. Yet it doesn’t have 5g has LTE instead and doesn’t have WIFI 6.

The both of the displays 5.6 inches each in size, since the main goal is to get something much more pocket able and comfortable and cool looking. There’s a fingerprint sensor here that’s inside and you and can just make it out when its touched. However, there’s no face ID or any sort of biometrics for face scanning. There’s only one camera on the inside, there isn’t any camera on the outside. The standard volume button and power button on the side of the duo’s but rest of it feels really sleek and surprisingly button free. Though USB C port located on the side but there’s no place to store Microfoft pen.

The Microsoft surface duo is covered in gorilla glass, the front,  the back , the inside has gorilla 5 and lot of glass on a device and main intention of this to improve the antenna reception.