How to apply tempered glass screen protector without bubbles

Apply Tempered Glass Screen Protector Without Bubbles
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This post will help you to learn how to Apply Screen Protector on Your Smartphone properly.

Steps to take:

Step 1: Read and follow the screen protector manufactures instructions, then clean your phone with a microfiber cloth.

Step 2: Gently pick the screen protector and place the top of the device, make sure both corners are level and align to each hole in the screen carefully.

Step 3: Finally, place the screen protector on top of the phone screen and gently use a credit card to push out any bubbles.

We use tempered glass screen protectors to protect our phones from cracks, scratches, breakage.

They are manufactured using mechanical and thermal processes and are much stronger than non-tempered glass.

There are so many types of screen protectors available in the market. I have discussed the most popular tempered glass protectors and a few of them are listed below if you like to dig into more details.

The above articles will help you to select the most suitable tempered glass screen protector for your need.

However, install or put a tempered glass protector on your cell phone without bubbles is a bit tricky.

I have noticed people ask the following questions on google; Will air bubbles go away on a tempered glass screen protector? How do you get air bubbles out of a glass screen protector?

Yes, it’s easy to get out, please follow the following steps to get rid of the air bubbles, but it is not advisable to apply tempered glass on a broken screen.

Steps: How do you get air bubbles out of a glass screen protector?

  1. Best way to apply tempered glass screen protector is first remove any protectiver cover and then clean your working area and your hands.
  2. Then, clean up the screen with professional screen cleaning microfiber cloth provieded by the manufactire. This help you to remove any dust or remove sticky residue from screen.
  3. Remove the glass-film and then use your fingers to gently pick up both ends of the tempered glass screen protectoer edge.
  4. Refer the horizontal line of the phone and fix the firm on it, then align to each hole in the screen carefully.
  5. Press the central part with your finger to fix the films on to the screen automatically.
  6. If there are any bubbles, gently press them with your fingers or use credit card to add extra pressure to remove all the air traped in between the phone and screen protector.

In order to keep your mobile phone safe, it’s important to apply high quality tempered glass screen protector. In this way, you will be able to protect your expensive device from cracks, scratches and breakage.

Great! now you know how to apply a tempered glass screen protector to your phone. However, if you tempered glass screen protector cracks, scratches, breakage please look in to “How To Remove Tempered Glass Screen Protectors” blog post.

Good Luck! 😊

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